10 Hottest Girlfriends Of Cristiano Ronaldo

Nereida Gallardo

Apparently, Gallardo is a part-time nursing student who works as a model in order to get by. She wasn't famous at all until she started dating Ronaldo.
She quickly faded back into oblivion once they were through, right after Ronaldo broke up with her over text message.
 Maria Sharapova
After watching her on the tennis court, all men have speculated on what Sharapova might sound like in bed.
Ronaldo is one of a select few who probably know.

 Diana Chavez
Diana Chavez is an actress who has such roles to her name as "Woman" in The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada and the unforgettable "Hot Girl at ATM" in an episode of CSI: Miami.
Ronaldo didn't date her for her talent. I think we can all agree on that.
 Daniele Aguiar
You know, when you've dated one Brazilian supermodel, you've dated them all. Or so I'm told by Ronaldo.
To us, Aguiar would be one of the most beautiful women we ever came in contact with. To Ronaldo, she's a pretty decent Thursday.
 Luana Belletti
The best thing about Luana Belletti, besides the fact that she's super hot, is that she is the sister of Chelsea footballer Juliano Belletti.
Nothing will get into an opponent's head like telling him how much you enjoyed sleeping with his sister.
 Karina Ferro
 It seems like Kim Kardashian is definitely not the first bootylicious chick Ronaldo has ever dated. Fitting, because it seemed like Ferro was Ronaldo's booty call for about three years.
They were connected from 2002-2005, during which time Ronaldo was linked to many different women. Something tells me she didn't mind.
 Paris Hilton
I can only imagine the STD party that went down when these two hooked up. I need to go take a shower just thinking about it.
 Niki Ghazian

Ghazian is a model/law student/lingerie football player, according to her  Twitter page.
Am I the only person who thinks that a career in law is not in her future? Maybe it's the fact that she buried it in between model and lingerie football player.
 Gemma Atkinson
What can I say? Gemma Atkinson is pretty much just perfect.
I still can't get over that Ronaldo cheated on her with a couple of hookers. Her! How could you possibly want anything else?
So even though she was never Ronaldo's No. 1, she comes in at the top spot on my countdown easily.

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