Six Best Gifts For Animal Lovers

If you're looking for the right gift for someone who loves animals, you have plenty of options. Here are just a few.
Spend a day at the zoo. The zoo is fun for all ages, from kids to adults. Buy a ticket and treat your friend or loved one to a day at the zoo.
Feed the big cats. Some zoos allow visitors to help feed and care for big cats and other animals along with zookeepers. This is always a thrilling experience.

Make a pet-themed gift hamper. Find gourmet pet treats, pet toys, cute food bowls, and even a few treats for the owner-a shirt with a funny pet-themed saying; a book of pictures or a subscription to a magazine for pet lovers.
Handmade coupons. The coupons should all offer pet-related services and help you could offer-a weekend of pet-sitting or dog-walking so your friend can go on a trip; or maybe help bathing the pooch anytime within the next month

 A donation to an animal charity. Popular choices often include no-kill animal shelters, animal rights groups and organizations, or even animal rescue societies.

 A new pet. Make sure your friend actually wants a new pet and can take care of one; some animals require more time, money, and knowledge to take care of than others.

 There are plenty of ways to make an animal lover happy during the holidays, a birthday, or a special occasion. Choose a gift that relates to their favorite animal, and your gift is sure to be a big success.

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