Strange Or Stupid But They Are Still pics

 Heading off to college and looking for a student grant is a serious business but there are some weird scholarships out there that, although they may seem stupid, are worth a lot of money.
Among the millions of possible college grants are some that most people wouldn't imagine exist. There is a duct tape scholarship. Just wear nothing but duct tape to your high school prom and you are in with a chance. Then there are the lefties. Students who write with their left hand are eligible for a special left handed college grant.
Tall people can claim a scholarship if they are over 6'11" for men or 5'10" for women. Not to be out done, there is also a short people's college grant
If you are thinking of studying languages or linguistics then you may be able to claim $500 from The Klingon Language Institute. It really exists and the good news is you don't even have to be fluent in speaking Klingon.

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