Funny Pictures with really funny people and animals

OMG,,that guy is really in trouble,for some people its a funny situation,,but no,no,no he never eve can say its some thing funny for him. 

 The new stylish 2011 sniper guny,fires three ways and no one can hide coz it will kill you from fron,down and top,LOLLLLllllll
 Ohh,has any one threw some thing at that scary dog,but the body position he has just made is so elastic and acrobatic,isn,t it.well it seems the pefect flash at right time.
 He,mom,sun,daughter or who ever you are please reach me here coz i was trying to fly with my car and did not knew it has not that ability,,FUNNY
 well,,this can happen to any one who is dancing,jumping and singing in some hot weather.still its funny,,its fail.
 hooo,hoo,,i don,y know whats going on behind me.
 oh,no that ladder,,omg what happened to it.the who is hanging may be little safe but what about the other one who is in the air and falling from that hieght.

 well,all my soldiers are all was very active,,but i think that one did,t slept well in night.
 what she was trying to do,and whats happened even no guy is near her,is it milk?it should be.
 dear mom,as you were not at home i tried some tasty noddles but soory it all went wrong.
 oh,,those rubbish big,long heels.

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Funny Pictures