World,s Most Expensive Call Girls Ever

Hollywood madam admits supplying £30k-a-night prostitutes to celebrities. 

They say she makes nineties Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss look like Mary Poppins.

Good reason then for film stars and politicians to be quaking in their boots following the arrest of Michelle Braun.
The mother-of-two has admitted running a vice ring supplying the most expensive call girls in the world to celebrities, business chiefs and well known public figures.
Michelle Braun, right, posing with Paris Hilton, employed more than 70 women including fashion models, Hollywood actresses and Playboy centrefolds. There is no suggestion Miss Hilton has any connection with the allegations against Braun
Her stable of 70 women  -  said to include fashion models, Hollywood actresses, and Playboy centrefolds  -  were able to command up to £30,000 a night for sex.
For her part, Braun is said to have made more than £5million.
It was her boasts two years ago in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine that were Braun's downfall. Named as running the most expensive escort service, she told the magazine: 'All I do is make the introductions between famous girls and rich guys who want to meet them.'
Prosecutors in California, however, uncovered a sophisticated prostitution ring. Braun, 31, charged men £1,000 just to register with her website, before they would even get to see photos of available women.
The fees dwarfed those of Fleiss, whose girls made up to £7,000 a night.
Braun (right) with actor Terrence Howard , is estimated to have made more than £5m from running the prostitution ring. There is no suggestion Mr Howard or the unidentified woman (left) in this picture have anyconnection with the allegations against Braun
The FBI trapped Braun after she agreed to fly a girl from Los Angeles to New York to meet a client who was an undercover agent. They were able to arrest her for the federal offence of transporting a woman across state lines for sex. Her arrest sent a wave of panic across Hollywood as agents seized her computers and phone records.

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